Brief historical outline

Mr Ricardo Castellani started mechandising in iron and steel-metallurgical materials in 1976. He knows the tow market inside out and he knows who he sells his automotor supplies.

During 1990, facing imported axles and suspensions, customers didn´t need neither Castellani services nor his supplies. At that time, instead of being threatened, Castellani saw a great opportunity and founded Castelcorp SRL, a company which dedicates itself to produce wholesale axles and suspensions, something that not exist at that time in the country. The company produced 100 axles and 200 suspensions importing only a few components at the end of 90s.

In 2000, GEG SA came up taking over Castelcorp SRL, keeping its familiar nature with national capital.

GEC SA started a high growth rate after 2001/2002 crisis being the market leader in domestic market and with a high brand presence in Paraguay, Uruguay, Chile, Bolivia, Venezuela and Brazil.

GEC SA moved to the Industrial Complex in Alvear Rosario in 2009, settled in a 5 hectares ground built up 14000 m2 building.

Presently, the company is still marketing axles and suspensions to trailers and trucks with a 2000 axles and 200 suspensions production per month. Imported and national complements are added to its own productions such as brackets, break valvs, tyres and ribs, giving a response to customers who deed high quality, lower prices and the best in the market.

GEC SA International Quality in axles, suspensions and autoparts.